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Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum

General 4th-8th Grade Information 

The Corte Madera Physical Education curriculum is developed based on SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards in alignment with PVSD's goals and priorities. All of our students are provided with a high-quality program that motivates, engages, and challenges them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The Physical Education staff helps every child develop a lifelong commitment to fitness by imparting the knowledge, skills, and confidence each student needs to engage in a physically active and healthy lifestyle.  Activities are designed to challenge each individual’s abilities and provide a positive, secure atmosphere for learning.  

4th and 5th Grade Curriculum

The physical education curriculum at the 4/5 level is delivered twice a week and focuses on basic skill development, life-long fitness, and personal/social responsibility.  We focus on building confidence and inspiring others through movement. 

6th-8th Grade Curriculum

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of individual, partner and group activities.  Concepts and skills will be spiraled throughout the year to provide multiple opportunities to learn and improve.  The Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) model will be used to help students transfer and apply concepts between activities.

Expectations & Motto: Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Safe, and Be ready to learn!!!

Course Objectives

1) Develop basic skills for games and sports.

2) Develop and/or strengthen a positive association with movement - have fun moving. 

3) Develop a healthy attitude and a high level of overall wellness and fitness.

4) Develop qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, and gain lifetime skills that will carry over into adult life.

5) Learn and improve daily - be a little better each day.

Teacher syllabus

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Physical Education (4th-8th Grade)

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Physical Education (4th-8th Grade)