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7/8 Elective Offerings: 

Classes are offered each year depending on student popularity and teacher availability.


Students will explore the art of animation by creating original works of art with pen and paper, and Adobe Animate or Google Slides.

Digital Art 

Students will use Google Drawings, Adobe Photoshop, and digital cameras to create original artwork related to digital drawing, graphic design, and photography. 


Students will use a variety of media to create original artworks inspired by different artists and techniques.

Advanced Digital Art and Animation

Students will go deep and use Google Drawings, Adobe Photoshop, and digital cameras to create original artwork related to digital drawing, graphic design, and photography.


Offered to all students who have an interest in playing an instrument, regardless of experience. Comfort with reading music is encouraged but not required. Students can play in both large and small groups with friends of similar playing ability.

Instruments in our band include: Piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, euphonium and tuba.

Mosaics and Installation Art 

Students will explore the art of mosaics and installation art. The course will culminate in a community arts project designing and creating multiple works of art for our school community. 


Students will be introduced to the basics of improvisation. We will be using theater games, music and collaborative activities to build these skills and learn to be spontaneously creative. Make it up as you go!

Music Video  

In this course, students will create videos to accompany music that is existing or original. Students will learn the basics of editing, timing images to rhythm, and enhancing the musical elements through imagery and video.

Creative PE 

Students will have an additional opportunity to enjoy movement during the day as an extension of PE. We will have the opportunity to focus on: team building, biking, team/individual games, recreational games, obstacle courses, and team challenges. 

Study Hall 

This is a work period during the school day that you can use to study or complete homework. 

STEAM (Science Workshop)

Students will engage in inquire-based, hands-on learning activities and project-based education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Military History of the Western World

The clashing of great armies and navies in the past created the present that we live in today. This course studies those armies and navies and the battles they fought through lectures, discussions, videos, and readings on the strategies, tactics, and logistics.

American Military History (Semester)

Indeed, from the earliest encounters between Europeans and Native Americans, war has been a near constant feature of American life. Through lectures, discussions, videos, and readings students will learning how war shaped America and how America a shaped the nature of war.

Creative Writing (Semester)

Students explore the power and passion of the writing in a self-paced format. They will have the opportunity to develop their writing voice and experiment with various genres.

Math Problem Solving

An interactive and fun class for students who love math. We will create solve, and discuss a wide range of interesting math problems, puzzles, and strategy games. Some problems arise from discussion in regular math classes; some are classical mathematical questions; some are problems created by students in the class. (Pass/Fail)


The CMS Yearbook is looking for dedicated, self-motivated students who possess solid tech skills to design and produce the 2023-2024 CMS yearbook. Students in this elective must be able to work collaboratively with little direction from either the Yearbook Advisor or the student production managers.

Student Council

Students that ran for positions and were elected at the end of their 7th grade year will automatically be enrolled in the Student Council class. Students run the ASB budget and decide on all activities for the school throughout the year.