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4th Grade


The Corte Madera 4th grade curriculum is developed based on California State Standards, in alignment with PVSD's goals and priorities. All of our students are provided a high-quality program that motivates, engages, and challenges them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.


Fourth-grade reading standards focus on developing students' reading comprehension and fluency. Students are expected to read and understand a variety of texts, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Students should be able to identify the main ideas and supporting details in a text, as well as make inferences and draw conclusions. Additionally, fourth graders are encouraged to expand their vocabulary and demonstrate an understanding of literary elements such as character development, plot, and theme.

Textbook used:  Reading and Writing Project

Please Note: During the 23-24 school year, PVSD will engage in an English Language Arts reading curriculum pilot process. A formal adoption of a new curriculum will be done in June, 2024 for a full implementation in August, 2024.


Our writing program focuses on developing students' ability to express ideas clearly and coherently. Students are expected to write different types of texts, such as narratives, informative/explanatory pieces,

 and opinion essays. They learn to organize their writing with clear introductions, supportive details, and conclusions. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are emphasized to improve overall writing quality. Additionally, fourth graders begin to refine their revising and editing skills to enhance their writing's overall structure and coherence.

Textbook used:  Reading and Writing Project


Math Expressions is our core program involving hands-on activities and problem-solving strategies. The program has 8 units of study consisting of Place Value and Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication with Whole Numbers, Division with Whole Numbers, Equations and Word Problems, Measurement, Fraction Concepts and Operations, Fractions and Decimals, and geometry. Supplemental materials are used to enhance each unit of study.

Textbook used:  Math Expressions


Twig is our science program. It is an interactive, hands-on learning curriculum. It challenges students to become creative problem solvers while they are making sense of engaging, real-world phenomena such as: How do scientists and engineers work as a team? What happens to energy when objects collide? How do people produce and transfer energy for their use? How have weathering and erosion sculpted some of Earth's most interesting landscapes? How can we reduce the damage caused by earthquakes? How do the many parts of my body work together to help me live in the world? 

Textbook used:  Twig Science

Social Studies

We use TCI for our social studies curriculum. It is aligned with the national frameworks and state standards to help students master essential skills and knowledge. Each unit is inquiry-based and includes primary sources and activities to make California History come alive

Textbook used: TCI

Useful Links

The full content standards can be found at the following websites:  California History/Social Science Content Standards:

Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies: 

Common Core State Standards for Math:

Next Gen Science Standards:

4th Grade Teacher Directory

Rebecca Bowe ✉ 

4th Grade

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4th Grade

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4th Grade